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Vivid Medical Surgical Articles and Requisites Trading LLC, the best medical equipment company in Dubai, has completed seven years of excellence in serving its community by providing them with medical disposables and consumables, medical equipment and other healthcare products. Based in Dubai, we’re one of the topmost medical equipment distributors in the UAE. Vivid Medical Surgical Articles and Requisites Trading LLC is also the official distribution partner of VOLEIN Disposables, and VAIDE Support & Mobility, and these brands are known across the world for its high-quality products, offered at feasible costs.

Confident with our services, we contribute our best to a healthy society around us. We are responsible for the health of our community, and we effectively provide our consumers with the best, technologically updated and innovative medical care.

The strong commitment we have been holding onto by working under the Vivid Family, has enabled us to evolve into an established Medical Equipment supplier. Our legacy is built on providing the best quality protective, hygienic as well as mobility and medical imaging equipment to hospitals and other medical institutions. The long-term visions of VIVID, in making up a healthy and ecologically sustainable world has also made us more prudent in our product manufacturing processes.

Vivid Medical Surgical Articles and Requisites Trading LLC goes far beyond being just a Healthcare Equipment and Supplies Company, by supporting our patients throughout their Medical Journey!

Our Values


Our commitment to stakeholders is our fundamental trait. However, what truly matters is our ability to fulfill our promises with utmost integrity, which is the principle we relentlessly pursue.


Our primary focus is to achieve excellence in all our endeavors. Whether it is formulating strategies or creating products, we strive to attain the utmost level of quality and surpass expectations in every aspect.

Quality of Service

We place high value on responsiveness to deliver high standards of service across touch points.


Precision and promptness are the pillars we build our professional demeanor on. Our commitment to stakeholders drives our objectivity.

Social Responsibility

As a part of the healthcare sector, we own the responsibility for our products, services and our conduct. Our responsibility is towards our stakeholders and society as a whole.

Customer Satisfaction

Our range of products is designed with the customer in mind, addressing their specific needs and preferences. We understand that even the slightest margin of error can have significant consequences, and thus, we prioritize precision and accuracy in everything we do.



our verticals

Vivid Medical Centre – Sultanate of Oman

Vivid Diagnostic Centre – India

Hafeet, W Saham,
North Al Batinah Governorate, Sultanate of Oman

Vivid Medical Centre – Sultanate of Oman

N: Chalikkavattom Junction, Ponnurunni East
NH Bypass, Vyttila, Kochi – 682 019 |

Vivid Diagnostic Centre – India

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Sales Executive, Dubai, Ajman

Posted on 03/11/2022

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