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Nitrile Glove


Vivid Medical Surgical Articles and Requisites Trading LLC, being the best disposable glove distributor in Dubai, UAE, has taken into account the overall protection of our customers’ health and safety. The gloves produced by VOLEIN Disposables comprises Nitrile, the most chemical-resistant material as the prime product in manufacturing gloves and they protect the users’ hands by keeping them free and safe from any contamination.

The Nitrile Gloves we provide protect the user from contracting diseases or infections, caused by harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses, when being used. Being soft and comfortable, our Nitrile Gloves are a superior choice for the users. VOLEIN Nitrile Gloves can be used during Medical Examinations, Surgeries and also when the consumers will have to come in contact with body fluids, mucous and wounded skins. Another feature of our Nitrile Gloves is that they are powder-free, which is important, when considering the risks of reactions and allergies that might be caused to users.

The highlight of our product is the material, as already mentioned, used in its making. Made up of Nitrile, VOLEIN Gloves ensure protection from unwanted and dangerous substances. The Beaded Cuff on the gloves makes it easy to wear and prevents the gloves from rolling down the users’ hands. With high strength and resistance, our Gloves ensure resistance to breakage to the highest possible standards.

Use the Best Disposable Gloves offered in Dubai, UAE. Vivid is here, to serve you!

Disposable nitrile gloves supplier UAE

Latex Glove


The best Powder-free Latex Glove Dealers in Dubai, UAE, Vivid Medical Surgical Articles and Requisites Trading LLC, offers our customers with the best Latex Gloves, which are the highest of all possible standards. Apart from being used for medical purposes, our latex gloves could be used for everyday purposes involved in housekeeping, and industrial application. Our product composition includes a feature, i.e., it is powder-free and polymer-coated, causing the user to contract less allergies and other skin problems.

VOLEIN Powder-Free Latex Examination gloves by Vivid can be used when the user has to come into direct contact with blood, saliva, or other chemicals. They are also the best choice when it comes to prevention of allergies from specific liquids or substances that the consumer might be subjected to. The softness of VOLEIN Gloves also gives the users super comfort when used.

VOLEIN Latex Gloves ensure protection from allergens. They stand exceptionally high when compared to others. Using disposable gloves on a daily basis increases the chance of skin infections and other allergies. VOLEIN’S Gloves are the safest as being powder-free, its latex-gloves reduce the chance of skin diseases. VOLEIN’S Latex Gloves also have beaded cuffs, for easy and smooth usage.

We’re proudly the best Latex Glove supplier in Dubai, UAE. We, the Vivid Family, are eagerly waiting to provide your golden hands with the coverage of protection from our side.